Fourteen things to know about being a freshman at VCU

Class of 2018: With less than 1 month to commit, we’re sure you must be excited about becoming a part of the VCU community! We wanted to remind you to put in your deposit and register for orientation if you have not done so already. Welcome to VCU! 

1. This entire place is your new home. Don’t just stay on campus- explore the ins and outs of the beautiful river city!

Students often forget that there is more to this city than just VCU. Explore the parks, the river, the shops and more. If you won’t have a car on campus, the GRTC and Campus Connector should be your new best friends. Image

2. Monroe Park (and all the parks) closes at dark- don’t be caught there after dark and be written up for trespassing! 

3. Make friends (or at least be friendly towards) your professors. You never know when you might need an extension, or an impromptu appointment.

They are there to help you learn. Help them out by actually caring about the class, and being respectful.

4. Take advantage of the plethora of opportunities to receive free t-shirts/ food.

Welcome Week alone will supply you with a new wardrobe and enough food for a week (if you like pizza and hotdogs).

5. Freshman are easily spotted by their VCU lanyards, class tshirts and drawstring bags. Have Ram pride!

6. VCU has so many “swipeable” food options- don’t just eat at Shafer or IHOP every day. Image

Shafer, IHOP, Canes, Croutouns, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Nao and Zen, Chick-Fil-A, Cary St. Market and Deli, Bleeker St., Jonah’s, Hideaway Cafe, Einstein’s…. the list goes on.

7. Don’t get too excited just yet- Subway is only a swipe on Sunday, and Chick-Fil-A is only a swipe on Saturday

8. Jonah’s is like Shafer and it’s delicious. 

So many students don’t make the trip out to Jonah’s because of its location on the MCV campus. It’s worth it.

9. Some of the best experiences in college will be through a student organization!

VCU has over 500 organizations! Pick something you’re interested in and join the org! It makes going to a school with 31,000 students a little less daunting.

Image9. This is the only time in your life where you will get to go to a concert for less than $20.

This year we’ve had acts like Jhene Aiko, Fabulous, Mack Wilds, Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods. Tickets all under $20.

10. Grow to love basketball.Image

It’s no secret the VCU Rams know how to score a basket! Even if you’re not a huge fan of basketball, when game season comes around, the Rams go wild. Attend a game to see just how much we love our VCU Rams!

11. Don’t worry – all the VCU housing is fantastic.

12. You’re poor- we know. Two words: Career Center

13. This school has so many services that you practically have no excuse to be bored or failing. 

Free tutoring, the writing center, SI sessions, as well as a variety of places to hold your organization’s event- VCU makes sure their students have the tools for a successful Ram experience! Take advantage of all of the things you pay for anyways!

14. Follow @VCU_commons on Twitter for information about your future school! Get ready to be a Class of 2018 VCU Ram!  




By Hannah Khan

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