So You Think You’re a Ram Now?

The deposit deadline for incoming freshman is today, Thursday, May 1! This day of the year is affectionately known as “pick a college day” and is the deposit deadline for numerous universities worldwide. By now- you probably know whether or not you will be attending VCU in the fall.

If you will be joining us in the Fall of 2014- there is a great deal to know before considering yourself a VCU Ram.

So you think you’re a Ram? You probably didn’t know…

1. VCU has more than 500 registered student organizations in which students can be involved.

Photo by Maddy Hill

 Whether your interest is student government, campus programming, fraternity and sorority life, professional development, political involvement, recreation or religious activity, community service or student media, there are other students with similar goals who want you to join their pursuits. At the SOVO fair during welcome week, you’ll get to meet all of these organizations and maybe talk to a few that you are interested in.


  2. If theres not a student organization here that you like; The Office for Student Organization   Development can help you create a new one!  

Visit to fill out the form to create a new student organization and get tools like

3. VCU has about 30 diverse chapters of fraternities and sororities!

Photo by Maddy Hill
Photo by Maddy Hill

VCU Greek life raises thousands of dollars in philanthropy each semester- in addition to having members with some of the highest GPAs and leadership roles on campus. This year, formal recruitment takes place on labor day weekend August 28- September 1st. To register for formal recruitment, visit

4. Volunteer opportunities here are endless.

Volunteer Opportunities are provided to students at VCU, and we encourage and assist students to make the most of their college experience by becoming involved with the VCU campus and the Richmond community beyond.  VCU has a goal of achieving 1 million hours of service from their students. (#1millionhours on twitter) . Through personal and group involvements, the staff can help students identify programs of interest and facilitate contact with local community partners. VCU also has numerous service organizations- find them all here: .

5. Family Weekend is fun!

Show your family what it means to be a Ram with a weekend filled with activities including concerts, recreational sports and the Family Weekend Celebration! This year’s family weekend will happen from September 26-28 and registration can be done here:

6. You have a summer reading assignment.Image

In  your UNIV 111 or UNIV 112 course, you will be expected to know about your summer reading and analyze various excerpts from it. Having read ahead of time will give you the upper hand and allow you to enjoy welcome week without cramming for the possibility of a surprise quiz on the first day of class. The 2014 summer reading book is The Circle by Dave Eggers. It will be distributed to you during orientation (another good reason to register for an early orientation).


7. Graduating on time means taking 15 credits a semester (generally 5 classes).

Many students end up retaking classes or taking less than 15 credit hours per semester. This drastically alters when they graduate. Save time and money by taking at least 15 credits a semester (and doing well in them so you don’t have to retake them).

8. Crime Alerts are useful and worth having on your phone.

ImageVCU will alert their students for any potential danger in the area- both on and off campus. Its important to listen to these alerts and be aware of where incidents take place. The free VCU shuttle system, RamSafe is (804-828-SAFE) is very helpful when traveling at night.

9. VCU and the city of Richmond are more integrated than you’d think.

The Altria Theater and Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, for example are places commonly filled with non- VCU students and Richmond residents. Located in the heart of Richmond, those who step foot on campus will be integrated into a blend of students, faculty, visiting tourists as well as the residents of Richmond!

10. Towards the end of the year, Cabell gets packed- think of more creative places to study for finals and work on projects.Image

New renovations for the library are currently in progress, however during the end of the year; all space is fair game. Explore the campus for new places to study such as the beautiful new Academic Learning Commons building,  or the quiet spaces on MCV such as Tompkins- McCaw library and Hunton Student Center.

11. Finals Week isn’t actually that bad- because of stress relieving puppies and midnight Shafer.

ImageEach semester, VCU brings out therapy puppies for students to play with right before their finals week. These adorable puppies are one of the highlights of each semester, as is midnight Shafer- the one day of the semester during finals where Shafer is free for all students, and features a chocolate fountain, smoothies, donuts and more!

12. Each semester will fly by.

Seriously though, you’ll be in a cap and gown before you know it.

13. There is so much more to know than will ever fit in a blog post.

The reality is that in order to know everything there is to know about being a student here at VCU- you have to experience it for yourself. Welcome to Virginia Commonwealth University, we hope it’s you’re home for the next four years!


By Hannah Khan

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