Richmond’s Newest Wedding Location: VCU

The Jefferson Hotel, Maymont Park, The Boathouse and now VCU? Richmond brides have an array of venues in which to say “I do”, and new to the list is a treat to VCU alumni and Ram Fans everywhere, VCU’s own University Student Commons!

Historically used for academic and university affiliated events, venue space in Monroe Park Campus’ University Student

Photo by Ebony Campbell
Photo by Ebony Campbell

Commons is now open for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and special events to VCU students, faculty, alumni, and the general public. Brides to be, and their grooms now have a variety of locations within the Commons to choose from, including the grand Commonwealth Ballroom, Richmond Salons, as well as the large, open, outdoor venue of The Commons Plaza.

You can check us out at the Richmond Wedding Experience at the Convention Center this Sunday, Jan. 25, at booth 416 to get $250 off of your wedding or special event venue rental.

Why have a wedding in the University Student Commons?

We have the resources to make your big day flow as smoothly as possible, so you can enjoy a champagne toast with your guests without worrying about the mic working or the projector turning on. On site student workers,  university security team, technical assistants, and plentiful parking are a few of the perks received when booking a wedding at the Student Commons, ensuring peace of mind for everyone from the hosts of the party to their guests.

IMG_8556“I felt that the building space was perfect for our ideal wedding, said Harmony Matthews, married Aug. 2, 2014.  I loved how the food could be set up in a separate area away from the actual dining area.  I also loved the fact that we were allowed to have alcohol on the premises, of course with the proper security team.  Parking on the weekends is free so there was plenty of parking available for all of our guests.  Even though we didn’t use the valet idea suggested by Ashley, I find that the idea could have worked as well with enough persons to help out.”

In addition to perks such as free parking and technical assistants, an event at the University Student Commons allows outside catering, allowing you to make the event unique to your individual taste, a perk not offered at various venues in the area.

Competitive rates, large space, and a location in downtown Richmond make a special event at the Commons a gem compared to many other downtown locations.

24 copy
Photo by Ebony Campbell

“Our venue is special in the fact that it is in downtown Richmond without the downtown price tag,” said Ashley Akers, coordinator of event and meeting services. “Folks who have a special bond with our university want to get married here, particularly if they met here. It’s a great way to incorporate their school pride into their special day,” she said.

Venue space will be available between the months of May and August, with other dates available upon request. It is advised to reserve the space 8-12 months in advance in order to reserve the date that best fits the needs of the event. Venue space will not be available during the month of April, or when the university is closed.

Pricing for the venues is dependant on size, venue location, and event type. For more information or a complimentary price quote, feel free to email us at or call us at 804-828-9502.

To better understand how to plan your special event with us, visit our website at

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