Seven reasons why this Homecoming was the best one yet

Think the 2015 Homecoming was the best one yet? Here’s why we agree. 

Photograph by Tobi Oluwo

1. Hot cocoa, s’mores and sparklers at Light Up the Night

From day one, the vivacious energy of this year’s Homecoming was evident to all those who attended the events, including the kick-off celebration, Light Up the Night, which featured music, hot cocoa, s’mores and countless dazzling sparklers which students used to congregate and spell out the illuminating letters “VCU.”

“It was crazy, I did not expect this many people to come out,” said Homecoming Concert Chair Joannesse Veillard. “It definitely exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier to see the community come out and support us like this.”

2. VCU’s finest talent sung and rapped their hearts out

Students, staff and community members flooded the Commonwealth Ballroom to watch acts such as talent show winner rapper “Aqua Green” perform their own songs as well as fan favorites. The performances were a showcase of students’ ability to sing, rap, dance and play instruments, as well as exhibit more unconventional talents such as using a cup as an instrument. Competition winner rapper Aqua Green had the opportunity to perform at the Homecoming Pep Rally at the Siegel Center preceding the men’s basketball game versus University of Richmond.

  1. Current students, alumni, faculty and staff alike jumped inside bounce houses

The Pep Rally for the away game versus University of Richmond featured a giant 20 ft. inflatable basketball bounce house, air hockey tables, balloon animals and giveaways that brought in students, staff, faculty, alumni and even future prospective Rams! Organizations such as the VCU cheerleading team, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, various fraternities and sororities and members of VCU athletic teams also came out to partake in the fun and support the VCU men’s basketball team.

“It’s great to see all the different members of the community come out, there is definitely a lot more engagement since when I went here,” 2006 alumni Tracey Hargett said. “I definitely consider myself part of the Ram family and I’m glad my daughter goes here and my two sons are growing up in such a loving community.”


  1. Experiencing Chance The Rapper pouring water into the crowd

If you attended the Homecoming Concert, you witnessed first-hand the spectacle of Chance The Rapper. The crowd went wild as Chance jumped up and down the stage, threw his shirt into the crowd and sprayed the audience with water bottles. The entire show had the crowd waving their light-up foam sticks, posters, phone lighters and hands as Chance, Magic!, Chaz French and SUPER put on one unforgettable show.

“I was beyond excited when I found out he was coming,” said freshman Mujahid Abdul-Ali. “He’s an incredible performer and I’m so appreciative that he came out.”

Photograph by Tobi Oluwo
  1. The Homecoming Court and entourage proved they have boundless Ram Pride

The Reign of the Ram Homecoming Pageant had the VCU Homecoming Court dressed in black, gold, and “I (heart) VCU” blinkie buttons and, with the help of their organizations, performed a lip sync – which was judged based on stage presence, lip sync ability, crowd engagement, and overall presence. While every candidate put in their all and shimmied, glided, flipped and leaped across the stage, ultimately it was Kappa Psi Alpha’s Frankie James and his 90’s mix and Aly Metz and her entourage from Students Today Alumni Tomorrow that won the competition, as well as points toward their overall score in the competition to become Homecoming King and Queen. The candidates had the crowd out of their seats and chanting the names of their favorite performer.

“The turnout was amazing, it’s really exciting but also super scary,” Homecoming Queen Victoria Edwards said. “Being up there representing Alpha Gamma Delta is a really special feeling. As a freshman I could never see myself in this position; it’s so humbling that my organization trusts me enough to let me get up on stage and represent them.”


  1. Lombardy, Broad, Laurel, Floyd and Cherry Streets closed so VCU could show Richmond what it means to be a Ram.

Starting at the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School and ending on Floyd Avenue at the University Student Commons, the Grande Coronation parade closed and/or blocked off parts of various Richmond streets to make way for  Homecoming floats, the VCU Peppas band and hundreds of screaming Ram fans!


  1. The entire VCU community was an essential part of it all

While enjoying Homecoming as an undergraduate is undoubtedly a special experience, this year’s Homecoming was made all the more significant with the inclusion of the entire VCU community beyond just the undergraduate population.

“I definitely consider myself part of the Ram family,” 2001 alumni Kelli Lemon said. “I’ve worked five different jobs at VCU and got my master’s from here. It’s such a great feeling to be back and experience the traditions all over again.”

With the diverse variety and locations of events, the entire VCU community, including current students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff  partook in the Homecoming spirit, making it a truly memorable week.


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