Where in the world is VCU? Interning in Fukuoka City, Japan

Chelsea Kubo

Senior, Political Science Major

Where in the world were you this summer?

I interned abroad in Fukwiw1uoka City in Japan at a print and online magazine called Fukuoka Now. It was full time for two weeks. I worked a busy 9-5 schedule and worked side-by-side with the CEO and publisher in his team in a bilingual office writing reports, reviews, editing print and online stories, conducting industry and media research and more.
What is the magazine about?

Fukuoka Now is written for tourists in English, Chinese and Korean. It is a major tourist magazine in the city and it publishes the official Fukuoka tourist map for the city, along with recommendations for food, travel, accommodations and shopping while in the area.

Do you have a favorite project you worked on?

The city is one of the largest and liveliest cities in Japan so there really wasn’t ever a dull moment. I was able to to research and review a newly renovated shopping center in the city, Solaria Plaza. In Japan, the shopping centers are huge and within a few blocks there are so many stores, floors with a movie theater, restaurant, and a spa too. I spent about six hours going up and down the shopping center alone.

What is one of your favorite experiences?

Owiw2ne of my favorite memories was when I went to shadow Michelle Tajiri, a general manager of a plastic surgery clinic. I was very inspired by her story – she is half Japanese and half American, like me – and she moved to Japan and started an entirely new life in another country. I really enjoyed her story and her message.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to intern abroad?

I would advise them to learn the business etiquette of that country beforehand to impress your employers! It goes a long way!

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