FSL Feature: Alpha Kappa Alpha

The Theta Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha was chartered at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1973. Through their charity work and service, the sisters of this sorority have distinguished themselves as committed and talented young women. Founded in 1908, AKA is the oldest Greek-letter organization established in America by Black college women. During this period of over 100 years, members of AKA have continuously broken bounimagedaries to promote social justice through their philanthropic achievements both on a national level with their promotion of the One Million Backpacks Project and on a local level with the Theta Rho Chapter’s work within NPHC. The sorority’s core values include scholarship, moral and ethical standards, unity amongst college women and service to all.


This past year, the Theta Rho chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha won the Most Improved Chapter Award at their regional conference for their excellence in programs. This dedication to strong academics and programming begins with the recruitment of members who have shown an aptitude for maintaining a strong academic performance and commitment to involvement both in the chapter and around the University during their collegiate experience. Multiple recognitions for GPAs over the 3.5 threshold have been received by sisters, which has aided the chapter in having the highest average GPA of all of VCU’s NPHC chapters.

A benefit of membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha is that all sisters have the opportunity to hold a leadership position. Whether as an officer or committee chair, everyone has obligations and responsibility. The sorority’s president, Lindsey Foster, said that when developing their member’s leadership skills they “take people out of their comfort zone so that they go the extra mile. You have to acknowledge people’s strengths so that they want to work on their weaknesses.”

Moral and Ethical Standards:

Alpha Kappa Alpha is open to all backgrounds and experiences as diversity is encouraged and respected by members. The chapter showcases their inclusivity through their membership and devotion to cultural exchange. “If you make the effort to learn about other people- their religion, race and family values- you get to learn the truth behind a person. It makes the experience much more enjoyable,” said Foster.

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity of all members is showcased through their involvement in cultural activities around campus such as the Intercultural Festival and their participation in NPHC events, including Fall Block, at which they won first place in the sorority division for the past two years.

Unity Amongst College Women:pasted image 0 (2)

At VCU, Alpha Kappa Alpha is an active organization, hosting many service events that engage the sisters and VCU community. Their largest event is the Ivy League Affair Scholarship Ball, which raises money toward a scholarship fund that awards three scholarship a year to VCU students.

The unity of their sisterhood extends beyond graduation, as many VCU chapter alumnae continue to be heavily involved with the chapter. Having that mentorship and support system from VCU graduates is one of the defining characteristics of this sorority. On this point, Foster said, “The bonds that go from generation to generation never really go away.”

Service to All:

Alpha Kappa Alpha focuses on six main service initiatives: funding for schools and health, family strengthening, environmental ownership, educational enrichment, global impact and health promotion. The chapter has worked with many different organizations to fulfill those initiatives, the most recent being UniCare, which is a health insurance and health care plan provider. This year, they are working on an educational enrichment service program called One Million Backpacks Project, which aims to collect one million backpacks by the end of 2018 and donate them to U.S. schools with impoverished children. To find out more information and how to get involved contact Lindsey Foster at fosterla@vcu.edu.

Upcoming Events Featured:

One Million Backpacks Project

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will promote the learning process by providing substantial support to students through AKA One Million Backpacks. Members will donate and distribute one million backpacks and related school supplies to students across the country. http://www.aka1908.com/programs/program-initiatives

AKA One Million Backpacks

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