Thanksgiving Traditions of VCU Students and Staff

Thanksgiving break serves as a special time for Virginia Commonwealth University students, faculty and staff to take time off from their everyday hectic schedules and relax and reflect on which they are thankful for. With a school as diverse and eclectic as VCU, there are boundless traditions that each student and staff member take part of each year for Thanksgiving — this year,  University Student Commons and Activities is showcasing some of these beloved traditions and encouraging members of the VCU community to share their stories and traditions with us this holiday season.

“My Thanksgiving traditions are to eat, make dinner with my mom and go shopping after for Black Friday!” – Shanavia Miles, sophomore, mass communications

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“Every year after Thanksgiving dinner we head to the mall and go Black Friday shopping.” – Aisha Konare, junior, chemistry major

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“We play a card game at Thanksgiving, it’s called 31 and we play it with all of our family and the neighbors who are over — usually at the end of it someone goes home with about 100 dollars.” – Lindsey Rumancik, Assistant Director for Co-Curricular Involvement

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“This Thanksgiving I’ll be volunteering at the Giving Heart Community Thanksgiving Fest at the Richmond Convention Center.” – Heather Nunes, Assistant Director for Leadership and Volunteer Programs

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“At Thanksgiving with my family, my aunt paints a big turkey and we each add a construction paper feather to it that says one thing that we’re thankful for.” – Julia Schneider, graduate assistant for the Student Leadership and Involvement Center

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“What I do for Thanksgiving is eat all the food that my parents make – such as the ham, turkey, cabbage. I eat it all!” – Devon Jeffery, senior, information systems
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“My family on Thanksgiving watches the Macy’s Day Parade while we cook!” –Jenaé HarringtonProgram Specialist at OMSA

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“My Thanksgiving tradition is every year my siblings and I will fight over the wishbone to see who can get their wish for the year!” – Muneera Hassan, sophomore, bio-chemistry

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“On Thanksgiving morning my mom and I make sweet potato pie and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together, then we take a nice long nap before we grub.” – Aaron Deane, senior, mass communications.

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“For Thanksgiving, since I live on the West Coast, another friend and I cook Thanksgiving together so it feels like we’re at home and we have the Thanksgiving experience, even though it’s just the two of us.” Jennifer Osaki, junior, graphic design.

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“My entire extended family gets together – there are a lot of people. We cook all day and play flag football. After flag football, we get together and eat about three turkeys because our family is so big.” – Adam Abdelsalam, graduate sociology student.

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“I’m Native American, so we go all out for Thanksgiving. We also don’t bake our meat, we smoke it. Smoked ham, chicken, turkey, duck – its the only way to do it in my family.” – Brandon Rodgers, sophomore, criminal justice .

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“All of my best friends from high school get together each Thanksgiving before we have dinner with our families. We all go to my old high school and play football at the football field before heading home and eating a full Thanksgiving meal. It’s a tradition that just didn’t die because we all went to college.” – Chandler Garrison, sophomore, business.


The University Student Commons and Activities wishes the VCU community a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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