Stressed Students Invited to Attend Champions of Wellness Program

Ever heard the saying — “sleep, social life, good grades — pick two?”

Virginia Commonwealth University students are no strangers to prioritizing their time – according to a study by the Associated Press, 80 percent of college students report being stressed, and there’s little wonder why. While the challenge is often perceived to be balancing sleep, a personal life and school, the reality is much more multi-faceted. Students juggle between improving their academic, professional lives as well as maintaining their physical and emotional well-being, which can admittedly be a daunting task.

The Champions of Wellness Program, a new program developed by the Division of Student Affairs offers an array of programs and activities geared towards helping students achieve a balance in four integral categories of their lives: career, emotional, physical and emotional.

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“It is important for college students to have a balance of the mind, body and spirit to lead a healthy life,” Matthew Lovisa, coordinator of communications and marketing at the Division of Student Affairs, said. “These categories play an important part in the daily lives of college students and can all be achieved at VCU through the programs and events offered.”

The program takes place through February and March, and includes a range of activities including numerous job fairs, time and stress management workshops, group exercise classes and more.  Students are encouraged to attend a variety of events in each category — students who attend one event in each category are able to claim a free Champions of Wellness t-shirt, and students who attend two events in each category are able to attend a free lunch put on by Division of Student Affairs. For a full list of events, students can visit

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