#WorkerWednesday Marketing Assistant: Marketing and Public Relations

Are you interested in being at the center of student life and activity at VCU? Consider applying for a job with University Student Commons and Activities (USC&A) office.

Once a week this summer we will be posting a behind-the-scenes’ look into different student positions available in USC&A. This series will offer unique perspectives from students on the job. This week we will find out what it’s like to work as a marketing assistant who is focused on marketing and public relations for USC&A.

Meet Logan Bogert, a rising sophomore from Culpeper, Virginia, majoring in journalism and the face behind USC&A social media.

Bogert is responsible for the development and implementation of promotional communications, informational materials and outreach activities to promote the programs, facilities and services offered by USC&A.

How long have you worked for VCU?
I started at the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester.

What are your main responsibilities as a Marketing Assistant?
One of my responsibilities includes distributing marketing materials on our social media pages, which includes Facebook, Snapchat (vcucommons), Instagram (vcustudentcommons) and Twitter (@VCUCommons). Also, I am responsible for maintaining our blog by posting up-to-date articles about student life and events in the Commons.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day would start with me coming into the office and finishing up whatever article I am working on. I run drafts by my boss and make any necessary corrections before posting the article on the blog. I would then make sure that all of our social media has been updated for the day, covering most of the events happening in the Commons. On some days I am assigned to attend events and tweet, snap and post to provide live coverage.

Do you have an example of the type of work you do?
You can check out my article for the Off Campus Housing Fair.

Do you find it easy to balance being a student and a student worker?
Yes. With this job you can pick your hours and my boss is really understanding if you have a lot of school work that week.

What are some suggestions you have for people finding it difficult to manage working?
Communicate with everyone in the office. Everyone is really understanding since we are all students, so you can ask another marketing assistant if they can cover an event without you.

What is one thing you really enjoy about your job?
I enjoy being able to attend the events and connect with students that go here. There are always fun things going on here, like APB’s Drag Show, Homecoming Week, MLK Week and RamTHON.

Is there anything that you have now learned that you originally struggled with at the start of your job?
The fact that you always have to write in AP style was hard at first. It’s another language and if you don’t use it all the time you lose track of things. It comes easier with practice though.

What has been one unexpected perk of working for USC&A?
You can have first access to every event in the Commons and know about them before anyone else does.

What would be one suggestion to a student who is interested in working as a USC&A marketing assistant for public relations and social media?
Make sure that you like to write, otherwise you might not enjoy this job.



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