Find Your Fit at VCU

Do you know someone who hasn’t found their niche in college yet? Maybe it’s you? Do you know an overwhelmed incoming freshman who doesn’t know where to begin? Do you want to be more involved on campus? Find Your Fit, a program to help students connect with resources and programs, is the place for anyone who is overwhelmed by their options to get involved, wants more information on campus programs or doesn’t know where to start looking.IMG_3186.jpg

While knowing where to get started on a large campus can be overwhelming, the benefit of being involved on campus is becoming part of the university’s community and create a personalized college experience. The first six weeks on a college campus are the most important to getting involved on campus according to Lindsey Rumancik, assistant director of co-curricular involvement.

“Last year I noticed a push at the beginning of the school year to get involved and then it sort of dropped off. Find Your Fit comes from that. It’s for people who want to get involved and don’t know how,” Rumancik said.IMG_2991.jpg

The Find Your Fit program is designed to help students narrow down their options and connect students with various student organizations, student leadership programs, campus programs and volunteer opportunities. The process begins with an online form that students can fill out on their RamsConnect page. After filling out a few questions, a representative from the Student Leadership and Involvement Center will contact you within 48 hours and schedule a half hour meeting.

“We focus on their interest,” Rumancik said. “The goal is to come up with three things that they can do after the meeting, like attend a meeting or call someone. After that, I follow up in a week to see if they’ve accomplished those goals.”

IMG_3117.jpgThere are no restrictions on who can use the Find Your Fit program. In the fall of 2015, 35 students filled out the form, and in the following spring 50 students used the program. The Find Your Fit program is expanding and Kaitlin Griffith, Coordinator for Student Organization Development, hopes to eventually incorporate more students in the program through peer mentoring.

“Peer mentorship will be provided by upperclassmen who are involved and have leadership experience across campus,” Griffith said. “They will be able to guide Find Your Fit participants in the right direction by sharing their own knowledge about VCU co-curricular activities.”

For more information or questions on the Find Your Fit program, contact Kaitlin Griffith at



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