#WorkerWednesday Marketing Assistant: Videographer

This week we will find out what it’s like to work as a marketing assistant who is focused on videography for University Student Commons and Activities (USC&A).

Meet Hayley Zirkel, a rising junior from New York, majoring in graphic design and the face behind many of USC&A’s videos on our Youtube channel.IMG_7806
How long have you worked for VCU?
I’ve worked here since January 2016.

What are your main responsibilities as a videographer for USC&A?
I have two different duties. The first is that I go to events hosted by USC&A and I film what’s going on, people talking and anything interesting. The second part of my job is to compile all of the footage and make a highlight video for the event.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I spend about half my time filming events and half my time editing. For example, I covered RamTHON this spring and recorded on the floor while people were dancing. The other videographer, Amber, and I would trade off shifts and one of us would edit while the other filmed. So, at the end of the night they showed a highlight video of everyone dancing and having a great time.

Do you have an example of the type of work you do?
You can check out some of my work on the USC&A YouTube channel. The RamTHON highlight video can be found there too.

Do you find it easy to balance being a student and a student worker?
Yes. My duties are pretty different from my major, so it’s a nice break from the normal graphic design work I do as a student.

What are some suggestions for people finding it difficult to manage?
Make a schedule that works for you and stick to it! I have an excel spreadsheet with everything on it that I need to do. It is my life.

What is one thing you really enjoy about your job?
I really enjoy attending all these events that I otherwise would never have heard of.

Is there anything that you have now learned that you originally struggled with at the start of your job?
The importance of having a team. It’s important to have a second videographer to work with so that we can get two angles of the same thing and achieve full coverage of the event.

What has been one unexpected perk of working for USC&A?
Lots of free food and a bunch of cool new friends.

What would be one suggestion you would give to a student that is interested in working as a videographer for USC&A?
Show diversity in your work when you are applying. Have some serious, professional videos as well as crazy art projects. Make sure you have experience in both.

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