#WorkerWednesday Break Point Assistant

This week we will find out what it’s like to work as a Break Point assistant for University Student Commons and Activities (USC&A).
Meet Micky Atakiot, a rising senior from Alexandria, Virginia, majoring in mass communications and the first face you see when you walk into Break Point in the Underground beneath the Commons.

DSC_1628 (1)
Break Point assistants are responsible for customer relations, enforcing Break Point policies, ticket sales, cash register operation and general maintenance and cleaning of recreational equipment. Break Point assistants will provide support for tournaments, promotion and publicity and a variety of special events in Break Point.

How long have you worked for VCU?
Only about a year now.
What are your main responsibilities as a Break Point assistant?
To help anyone who comes into Break Point. I give them access to the pool tables, video games and other equipment. I hold their IDs until they return the equipment they rented. I am more of a monitor than anything else.
What does a typical day look like for you?
I will look over and clean the space up, make sure pool sticks are racked up and pool tables are clean.
Do you find it easy to balance being a student and a student worker?
Yes, definitely.
What are some suggestions for people finding it difficult to manage?
Do your homework during your free time here. It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t.
What is one thing you really enjoy about your job?
I love that I can focus on my school work while I’m here. I get most of it done here, so I have more free time at home.
Was there anything that you have learned that you originally struggled with at the start of your job?
At first I struggled with communicating with some of the people that come to play games. Whether they don’t speak english or they’re just shy, I find a way to communicate.
What has been one unexpected perk of working for USC&A?
The networking opportunities and connections.
What would be one suggestion to a student that is interested in working as a Break Point assistant for USC&A?
Stay on task and you’ll be golden.



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