Where in the World was VCU? In Tennessee for Bonnaroo

Summertime always brings opportunity, adventure and experience. These wildly anticipated three months of the year open boundless opportunities for students and staff to work, travel, volunteer and more – and, needless to say, Virginia Commonwealth University students are no strangers to these adventures.

VCU’s efforts to “Make it Real” encourage learning during all parts of life, both in and out of the classroom, and VCU students, faculty and staff are doing just that.

Indeed, VCU Rams can be found on all corners of the globe during the summer time, and this year, University Student Commons and Activities is determined to showcase their stories! From backpacking through Europe to interning in New York and everything in between, the “Where in the World was VCU?” blog series follows VCU students and staff across the world to highlight their interesting adventures and experiences this past summer to show the community just how dynamic VCU Rams really are.

Read about sophomore Peyton Nugent, who spent four days of her summer at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Nugent was able to attend shows of artists like Macklemore, Halsey and The Chainsmokers, to name a few. Find out more about Nugent’s Bonnaroo experience in this edition of “Where in the World was VCU?”


Can you start by telling me your name, year and major?

Peyton Nugent, sophomore, fashion merchandising.

Where in the World did you go this summer?

Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo, a music and arts festival.

Was this your first time at a music festival?

This was my first time at a large, big-time festival. Before Bonnaroo I had only been to Made in America, a smaller urban festival in Philadelphia. I went to Made in America two years in a row.

Who was your favorite artist?

That is probably the hardest question you could ask. Many of my favorite artists were there, but I would have to say the most mind blowing performance was the Grateful Dead revival and Dead and Company. There is nothing more amazing than listening to music legend Bob Weir jam out with dreamy John Mayer among a crowd of 80,000 people. You really feel like you are a part of a big, happy family.


What made you interested in Bonnaroo?

It wasn’t until high school when I began to stray from mainstream music. I started to branch out and discover new, slightly lesser-known artists and from there I began to become interested in music culture and festivals. Also, being interested in fashion means constantly being exposed to the music industry.  Especially when festival season comes around, I was always seeing posts on social media from the artists and celebrities I was following. I was fortunate enough to meet one of my best friends, Bennett, who had gone to Bonnaroo in 2015, so I had a Bonnaroo veteran to show me the way.

What was the most memorable part of your experience?

I don’t think I could pinpoint one part of my experience. In fact, I would have to say the experience as a whole was the most memorable part of the trip. It seems corny to say, but there were always positive vibes coming from everyone. In the world we live in today it can be hard to stay positive or let someone else bring you down, but for those four days I was just one out of 80,000 people having a great time and enjoying great music – I’ll never forget the feeling of experiencing that with my best friend by my side.


Do you think you’ll be going to any more music festivals this summer or in the fall?

You always see how much fun people have at these festivals, but you never see the reality that it costs a lot. I usually make a pact with myself to save up and make it to one a year. It helps that a lot of festivals have packages where you can pay in installments.

Will you be going back to Bonnaroo next year?

It’s a possibility, but I would also like to experience different festivals in different states and even countries. I have my eye on Hangout Fest in Alabama for next summer.


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