Celebrating Hunton’s 175 Anniversary

On Monday, October 17, 2016, join University Student Commons and Activities in celebrating the 175 anniversary of the building currently know as Hunton Student Center. While USC&A has only been directly involved in Hunton’s story since 2005, the building has been a part of the student experience in VCU’s many incarnations for the past 88 years. “Happy Birthday” Hunton, and many more!


A brief history of Hunton:

Richmond’s First Baptist Church, designed and built by renowned American architect Thomas U. Walter, was dedicated on October 17, 1841. The architectural style of the building, Greek Revival, is known for its strong columns and gently pitched pediment roofs. In 1928, after 87 years of occupancy, the church congregation abandoned the building, enabling the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) to acquire it for use as the first student center of the university in December of that year. The building was thus referred to as the Student Union.

Placed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on November 5, 1968 and added to the National Register on April 16, 1969, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) renamed the building to Hunton Hall in May of 1989 in honor of Eppa Hunton, Jr. and Eppa Hunton IV for their many years of service to both MCV and VCU. In 2005, Hunton Hall began a complete renovation and was transferred to the stewardship of the University Student Commons and Activities department in the Division of Student Affairs. At that time, the VCU Board of Visitors approved the name change to Hunton Student Center to reflect both its history as a student union and its new broader mission as a core building for student life.


For a video tour and to learn about the amenities of Hunton, view our virtual tour here.

Interested in reserving the Hunton Student Center First Floor Conference Room? Find out more at Event and Meeting Services.

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