Cornucopia of Traditions: VCU Thanksgiving Plans

Thanksgiving is a holiday which revolves around traditions and tasty dishes. Virginia Commonwealth University students, faculty and staff will soon have time off from their hectic schedules to relax and reflect on their own personal Thanksgiving customs. In honor of this cornucopia of traditions, University Student Commons and Activities is showcasing some of these beloved festivities and favorite foods by asking various members of the VCU community to share their stories with us as we usher in the holiday season.

“In the Sharpe household during Thanksgiving,we gather together and watch football regardless of who’s playing.” – Donte Sharpe, Coordinator for Student Organizations Finances, USC&A


“During Thanksgiving, me and my family say our prayer and say everything we’re thankful for this year.”- Drew Neal, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing


“In my family, a different person cooks the turkey every year.” – Tristan Smith, Sophomore, Computer Science


“My family and I watch the parade.” – Tala Khalefa, Freshman, Chemistry


“As a Vietnamese-American, we have a potluck of both traditional and Vietnamese and American foods for Thanksgiving.” -Julie Nguyen, Senior, Public Relations


“My favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey.” – Jefferson Mendoza, Senior, Business Administration


“I like mashed potatoes with gravy.”- Elise Keller, Junior, Criminal Justice


“My favorite Thanksgiving food is Mac ‘n Cheese.” Caleb Negussie, Senior, Business Finance

University Student Commons and Activities wishes everyone safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving!







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