OAC: Conversation with Lucky Turner

Omoze Around Campus: Conversations Around Campus is a new series consisting entirely of conversations held with members of the VCU community. Omoze Oyofo, a marketing assistant for University Student Commons and Activities, will be conducting informal interviews with students, faculty, staff and other members of the VCU community every week. These interviews will feature, in the speakers’ own voices, the vast and varying opinions, beliefs and thoughts of our Ramily. 

(Interview conducted on November 7, 2016)

Omoze: Hi, my name is Omoze Oyofo, I’m a marketing assistant for University Student Commons and Activities and I was wondering if I could have a conversation with you today? Is that cool?

Lucky: Yes.

Omoze: All right, what’s your name?

Lucky: Lucky, last name Turner.

Omoze: Nice to meet you. Is there anything specific you would like to talk about today?

Lucky: Um, we can talk about [VCU] Homecoming.

Omoze: Oh, okay, perfect! So tell me about Homecoming30930907011_4aba2a08f7_o.

Lucky: Homecoming is basically like this big celebration of everybody’s VCU pride. For the most part, people meet new friends, have new experiences, and make memories that will last with them until after they graduate.

Omoze: And are you part of Homecoming court?

31009258456_8d79c62e54_oLucky: Yes, I am running for Homecoming King.

Omoze: Is this your first time running for Homecoming court?

Lucky: Yes.

Omoze: Could you describe everything you guys have to do for Homecoming? For example, I know there is a point system.

Lucky: Basically, for Homecoming we have to do volunteer wor
k, service projects and be visible in the community. Showing our pride at the events and things like that. So, it’s a bunch of  fun events and stuff like that. A bunch of just fun events and meeting new people.

Omoze: And are you guys allowed to advertise for yourselves?

Lucky: Yes, absolutely. We put up our own posters, flyers, use videos and everything to promote ourselves.

Omoze: How do you think this Homecoming experience will benefit you in the future?

Lucky: I think I can use what I learn from Homecoming in future jobs and internships and stuff like that because everybody that I’m working with, I am learning so many different things from them. Like, I’m picking up new levels of confidence and I can be more welcoming to everybody else from it.

Omoze: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Homecoming, maybe some of the behind the scenes stuff?

Lucky: We put a lot of work into that lip sync [contest]. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that people didn’t see. It was a lot of practice going on that people didn’t see. Everybody worked so hard to make that show as good as it was. So, I have to give kudos to each and every person that was either planning, performing or part of the show as a whole, even the volunteers, everybody worked so hard to put on that show.

Omoze: So, is there anything else you’d like to talk about today other than Homecoming?

Lucky: No, vote Lucky for Homecoming King, thank you!

For more information and to view additional photographs from VCU Homecoming 2016, click here


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