OAC: Conversation with Sarah Najah

Omoze Around Campus: Conversations Around Campus is a new series consisting entirely of conversations held with members of the VCU community. Omoze Oyofo, a marketing assistant for University Student Commons and Activities, will be conducting informal interviews with students, faculty, staff and other members of the VCU community every week. These interviews will feature, in the speakers’ own voices, the vast and varying opinions, beliefs and thoughts of our Ramily.

Students at the 2017 Spring Student Organization and Volunteer Opportunities (SOVO) Fair.

(Interview conducted on November 21, 2016)

Omoze: Hi, my name is Omoze Oyofo, I’m a marketing assistant for University Student Commons and Activities and I was wondering if I could have a conversation with you today?

Sarah: That is perfectly fine I would love to have a conversation!

Omoze: So what’s your name?

Sarah: My name is Sarah Najah!

Omoze: And what’s your major?

Sarah:  I’m a bio major with a pre-dental track.

Omoze: Nice! So is there anything you want to talk about today?

In addition to SOVO Fair (pictured above), students can find information about organizations through RamsConnect.

Sarah:  Sure! So today I’m actually in the Commons for the longest time of my life. I’m actually lobbying for the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. This is basically an organization that helps minority pre-health obviously get their foot in the door whether it be that their pre-dental students, pre-med [or] PT students. It just provides them with opportunities that many minorities do not typically find on their own. So for example some of the activities that we have are panelists from the actual dental school or the med school here at VCU, they come out and give us valuable information, or they provide us with like internships or just opportunities to really enhance our resumes for those who are pursuing a career in the pre-health field.

Omoze: And is this a club you can join?

Sarah: Yeah so this club is actually called M.A.P.S, it stands for Minority Association of Pre-health Students. Meetings start up again second semester of this year and whoever is interested can go to our Instagram, which is MAPSVCU. Or they can go on Facebook and search M.A.P.S at VCU if they want more information on that.

Omoze: Thank you so much!


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