Spotlight on the Student Media Center

Free from administrative review and written entirely by students, for students, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Student Media Center serves as a hub of opportunities in student experience, training and leadership.

Located at 817 W. Broad St. and founded in 2005, the SMC currently manages seven organizations: Amendment, The Commonwealth Times, Emanata, Ink Magazine, Mesh Media, Poitcesme and WVCW.

The SMC is able to produce all its media while remaining financially independent from VCU. The SMC receives no funding from VCU, using only revenue generated by advertisements. Also being completely student-run and student-led, this structure provides many opportunities for student experience, training and leadership.

“My freshman year, I decided I was going to do everything. I went to the SOVO Fair and I saw the signs for a SMC open house, and I came and signed up for every single organization. I ended up getting involved with the CT, Amendment and WVCW,” Mikaela Reinard, assistant business manager of the SMC and junior political science and English major, said.

Photo-1-8The SMC holds biannual open houses at the beginning of each semester for students to become involved and see what the SMC has to offer. Students can sign up to learn more specifics about each organization.

 “It’s so cool to see all the different groups and how they interact with each other. I see them in a little bit of a different light since I’m not actively involved with them anymore, but it’s cool being able to see my peers grow, and I really appreciate that aspect of what I do at the SMC,” Reinard said.

Three professional staff members, Allison Dyche, Mark Jeffries and Jacob McFadden, assist student managers and oversee the SMC.


“When I was hiring students at my old ad agency, I always gave preferential treatment to students who I know came from the Student Media Center because I know here you really have to make your own way,” McFadden, SMC Business Manager said.

Students looking to join one or more of these organizations should contact the respective editors of the organization.

“(For students looking to join the SMC) persistence is key. You have to be persistent. Everyone here really is independent, all of the students manage their publication, recruitment, and operations. They manage everything,” McFadden said.

The SMC is dedicated to supporting and encouraging students as they work to enrich and explore the lives of all members of the VCU Ramily. It operates on a model of individual responsibility and professional standards rather than censorship and administrative control.


“My experience with the SMC is that of a supportive, knowledgeable, remarkably can-do team of people who make it their work to provide whatever resources we need to produce the journal we want,” Hallie Chametzky, co-editor-in-chief of Amendment Literary and Art Journal and sophomore dance and choreography major, said.

Read below for more information about the organizations at the SMC and how to become involved:


Amendment is a progressive literature and art journal that is published annually during the fall semester. The organization seeks to provide a platform for students to display progressive ideas. They seek to highlight issues that are often ignored or incompletely addressed in mainstream media. For more information, visit or email Hallie Chametzky, co-editor-in-chief of Amendment at .  

Upcoming Event Announcement: Amendment will be having their second annual film festival on Saturday, April 29, 2017, from 7-9 p.m at the VCUarts Depot located on 814 W. Broad St. The event will feature film work ranging anywhere from documentary, abstract and narrative perspectives. The event is free and open to the public and includes food and fun festivities.

The Commonwealth Times

Founded in 1969, the Commonwealth Times is an award-winning independent student newspaper at VCU. Content is created by and for students, and opinions are not subjective to VCU. The CT is always looking for new contributors to bring on board. Journalists, photographers, artists and designers who are interested should contact the section editor for the area best suited to their strengths. Find out more information about the CT and how to join by visiting their website or emailing Sarah King, executive editor of the CT at


Emanata is VCU’s first ever comic book anthology. The organization aims to give the public an annual dose of high-quality comics bound together in a single volume. The staff is full of talented writers and illustrators. For more information, visit


Ink Magazine

Ink Magazine is a medium through which artists can show their work. Ink is a never-ending collage of stories from all corners of Richmond’s landscape. Ink comes out quarterly during the academic year. The staff is a collective of VCU students, artists, photographers, writers and designers that work together to create the magazine.  For more information, visit

Mesh Media

Mesh Media is a network of websites that cover different aspects of VCU and Richmond. Websites for Mesh Media include Rams Review, a student-run sports coverage organization that brings student perspective to VCU sports; Shafer Bird, a website dedicated to cover campus dining and Richmond cuisine; the Horn, an opportunity for students to add coverage of the Richmond music scene; and River City Fashion Uprising, which covers Richmond’s fashion culture. For more information, visit or email Catie Kelly, editor-in-chief of Mesh Media at


Poitcesme is a publication that features a combination of literature and art from students at VCU. In the fall, the organization released “Rabble”, a themed book, and in the spring the publication is producing featured works of all themes and genres. Poictesme publishes poetry, prose, art, short stories and more. For more information, visit



WVCW Radio is an independent student radio station. The organization has been around for more than 40 years. Listeners are able to access WVCW Radio anywhere at anytime of day. For more information, visit or email Alan Booth, general manager of WVCW at 

For more information about the SMC, visit


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