#MaddoxMoveMondays: Season Two Introduction

Maddox on the Move (RGB)-04

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a campus in a vibrant urban setting which can be a new experience for some incoming freshmen. In order to provide new students with information about Student Affairs departments and services that will prove helpful in transition to the Ramily way of life, University Student Commons and Activities (USC&A) produces a video series entitled Maddox on the Move, which highlights departments of the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) and campus partners. Our lead marketing assistant for USC&A, hosts Maddox on the Move and invites students to explore the varied resources available.

“I understand coming to a new campus can be terrifying to some students! Maddox on the Move lets them experience and understand the campus from the comfort of their home,” Maddox said.

Maddox on the Move returns for its second season this summer beginning on June 12 and, according to it’s host, “it’s bigger and better.”

View videos from last season on our YouTube channel.

Season Two will feature more in-depth interviews with faculty, staff and students involved at each location which include Founder’s Corner, the Wellness Resource Center (The Well), RamPantry and Rec Sports. In viewing the series, a new Ram will learn where these important resources are and what they provide to help in the adjustment to college life.

“This series has made me appreciate how much VCU does for us, how many resources are easily accessible and I wish that I had had this knowledge as a freshman,” Maddox said.

Maddox on the Move is a part of the USC&A summer campaign, 2021Fun, which includes “new content every day for incoming transfer students or freshmen to inform and educate them about the happenings around town,” said Maddox.

Make sure to watch out for #MaddoxMoveMondays on USC&A social media handles. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and SoundCloud at VCUStudentCommons and Twitter and Snapchat at VCUCommons.

Watch our latest Maddox on the Move video here!

Maddox- Founder's Corner (2 of 3)

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