#FrancisFanciesFood: Aglio y Olio

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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) promotes healthy student lifestyles and provides resources through programs housed within departments such as the Wellness Resource Center, Recreational Sports and many others. Continuing with this trend, University Student Commons and Activities (USC&A) is including, as part of the 2021Fun summer campaign, a new video series meant to empower students with the knowledge to make tasty and affordable dishes. Entitled Francis Fancies Food, the series features host Francis Stephens, a marketing graduate assistant at USC&A pursuing his masters of education in english at VCU, as he uses simple ingredients to cook a variety of dishes. Stephens will show his viewers how “fancy foods” can be made with ease and on any budget.

“Students are given easy directions for food with five ingredients or less to stay on a budget – we focus on costs remaining underneath $15 for three or four days of food,” Stephens said. “All of the dishes and techniques were chosen with health, budget and taste in mind.”

While focused on students at VCU, Stephens explained that “anybody can get something from the series. It’s very important that people know how to cook. Not only is it helpful, but people may realize they like cooking more than they thought.”

Featuring entrees like Aglio y Olio and Thai curry, there will be a new episode uploaded every Friday once the series launches on June 16.

Make sure to watch out for #FrancisFanciesFood on USC&A’s social media handles. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and SoundCloud at VCUStudentCommons and Twitter and Snapchat at VCUCommons.

Watch the latest video here! 


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