Where in the World is VCU? Vacationing in Alaska


Can you start by telling me your name, year and major?

My name is Dylan Potente, I am an upcoming junior and I’m majoring in political science.

Where in the World are you this summer?

This summer I went to Alaska!

Why did you go to Alaska?

I went to Alaska for a couple reasons. I have family who lives there, and my cousin graduated high school in May, so my parents and I decided to take a trip to visit them.


Was this your first time there?

I’ve been once before, without my parents when I was 16.

What was your favorite part about your trip?

My favorite part of the the trip had to be the scenery of the gorgeous Mountains and the wildlife as there are tons of sea lions, sea otters, moose, and bald eagles in Alaska.


What did you gain from your experience?

What I gained from my experience is enjoying the small things in life. Spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, all the things we take for granted.

Any advice or tips to anyone looking to go to Alaska?

Advice for anyone looking to travel to Alaska would be to prepare for the flight. The flight is very long. Also, internet and cell service in Alaska is pretty bare, not what we’re used to. Lastly I would say to just enjoy it! It’s such a beautiful state, there’s always something to do there. Take advantage of it!


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