QCC: Welcome Week

In the fourth episode of Questions, Commons & Concerns (QCC), marketing assistants at University Student Commons and Activities interviewed students, faculty and staff of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to find out their thoughts Welcome Week.

QCC S01E04 Transcript:

Brian Donovan: Welcome to Questions, Commons & Concerns at VCU, an initiative by University Student Commons and Activities. Questions, Commons & Concerns is a series where we ask students, faculty and staff about their thoughts regarding current events, hot topics or fun subjects relevant to the University community.

Donovan: This is Brian Donovan, host of Questions, Commons & Concerns. Today’s episode covers the wide range of activities that make up Welcome Week at VCU. Welcome Week is VCU’s week-long annual tradition that is filled with events and opportunities for new and existing students to acclimate to VCU and the city of Richmond.

Donovan: In order to learn more about what Welcome Week has to offer, we asked students, faculty and staff what Welcome Week is all about and which events they were looking forward to the most.

:: Welcome Week is just a lot of love. I feel like everyone is new and they’re kind of nervous and don’t know what to do and then you see other people participating in all these activities and that’s when you start meeting your friends and stuff like that.

:: Extremely fun like, so much going on. The campus is always busy, always something to do. You’re never bored during Welcome Week.

:: It’s a great week for all the freshman to come out and get to know the campus and VCU.

:: Oh my gosh, Welcome Week is such a great experience. It’s a week to get everyone kind of acclimated with campus. It’s a way to bring students back without saying, “Hey, you gotta come back to school.” But it’s like a fun way to bring students back – and, the free stuff? Oh my gosh, they give out so many free things, and then if you go to a number of the events, you can get free prizes. It’s so fun.

:: We have the best first prize raffle ticket that I’ve ever heard of. The chance to win free tuition for a semester is amazing and I think that alone should be at least one of the reasons why you attend.

:: I feel like Welcome Week is a chance where new students and old students can connect.

:: I like the cookout that happens every year.

:: I definitely recommend PlayFair, I met a lot of people there.

:: Man, probably the PlayFair. PlayFair is definitely… main reasons I’m coming out. A lot of good activities going on.

:: My favorite event? I’d have to say RecSports night because it’s an all-night affair and people out having fun playing basketball, just a really good time to socialize and get to know everyone.

:: I’m also really looking forward to the outdoor adventure trips. I usually never get a chance to travel outside of my area so this will be a really good time to meet people and then learn about what’s around Richmond and have fun and enjoy the weather.

:: I think the Food-Truck-A-Palooza is looking pretty live because you get free food from local vendors.

:: Oh yes, the Food-Truck-A-Palooza, that’s a really good one. They have so many dope vendors. You get your free food and you get to taste all the food from Richmond.

:: It is definitely a great experience, especially when you have the Block Party. You have freshmen that are coming in, may not know about VCU, but it gives them the opportunity to see our campus, to be able to interact with each other and just be able to get to know – not only as far as with each other, but also what we do as a campus. And also the SOVO Fair, which I’m definitely proud of. It gives students the opportunity to see other student organizations, just to find out what their interests are, and just to also be a part of it. So as far as Welcome Week, it’s definitely welcoming for everyone that attends.

:: I think that the SOVO Fair is a great way to get involved on campus and a lot of students come in with the idea that they’re not going to be able to be involved, because there’s probably not a club that they can get involved with, but there’s over 500 clubs.

:: SOVO Fair is one of my favorites because it’s like over 500 organizations come there and you can just see how you can get involved and find your niche within the university.

:: Capping Welcome Week off, the SOVO Fair. It’s literally the coolest thing that you can experience as a new student. Seeing your whole class there, and then you see orientation leaders, Rodney was there, Dr. Rao. It seems like it gets better every year and I’m looking forward to this year.

:: I recommend all freshman go to SOVO Fair. You should definitely go, it will change your life.

:: SOVO Fair was really important, I think that’s the one thing students should go to during Welcome Week. If not the other stuff, definitely SOVO Fair. That will set the tone for the rest of your experience.

Donovan: All of these events and experiences may seem a bit overwhelming. We asked students, faculty and staff if they had any advice for Welcome Week attendees.

:: Don’t be afraid to talk. Everyone will respond to you, they’ll talk to you.

:: My advice would be – get the free food and wear tennis shoes, every day.

:: I would recommend that all the freshmen go to Welcome Week. I think it’s a great way to meet new people and find your niche at the school right away.

:: Definitely plan ahead so you’re not scrambling last minute. I would look to the Welcome Week Guide and plan accordingly to what you want to do. Try to do as much as you can and definitely swipe your card so you can be entered to win free giveaways, as well as the first semester of free tuition for in-state students.

Donovan: Planning ahead is always a good idea, especially for such a busy and exciting week. If you would like to know more about the events and the schedule for Welcome Week, visit welcomeweek.vcu.edu and be sure to download the Welcome Week Guide on the VCU RAM Guide app.

Donovan: This has been Questions, Commons & Concerns at VCU, brought to you by University Student Commons and Activities. If you have a question you would like covered, email us at contactUSCA@vcu.edu. Thank you for listening.

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