QCC: VCU Trivia

In the seventh episode of Questions, Commons & Concerns (QCC), marketing assistants at University Student Commons and Activities asked students, faculty and staff trivia questions relating to VCU.

Brian Donovan: Welcome to Questions, Commons & Concerns at VCU, an initiative by University Student Commons and Activities. Questions, Commons & Concerns is a series where we ask students, faculty and staff about their thoughts regarding current events, hot topics or fun subjects relevant to the University community.

Donovan: This is Brian Donovan, host of Questions, Commons & Concerns. Today’s episode has a slightly different format than most. This week, marketing assistants asked students, faculty and staff a series of trivia questions, all relating to VCU in some way. While we present to you their answers, I would like to invite you, the audience, to play along with our participants and see if you can answer all of our trivia questions correctly.

Donovan: We started off our round of questions by asking students, faculty and staff what year they thought VCU was founded.

:: Late 20th century?

:: I think it was about 1838.

:: I don’t even know.

:: 1936.

:: Okay, 1990.

:: ’96.

:: 1907.

:: Was it somewhere in the 1900s? 1923.

:: 1982?

:: 1838?

:: No clue.

:: I think something like 1836? Somewhere around there?

:: I would very much say it would be around the 19- I would say ‘89?

:: 1978-ish?

:: 1962.

Donovan: While some came close, none of our participants guessed the correct answer. Did you? In 1968, the Medical College of Virginia was merged with the Richmond Professional Institute to create what we now know as Virginia Commonwealth University. Our second question asked, “In what year did VCU make it to the Final Four for the first time?”

:: I don’t know. Was it in the ’90s?

:: 1952.

:: Say ’93?

:: I’m going to say 2004?

:: Yeah, I got no clue.

:: 2010?

:: 2005?

:: 2010?

:: That was like, 2005 or something like that, right?

:: 2012?

:: 2011. I remember being a native here when VCU was going to the Final Four. Literally, they were on the front page of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

:: It’s like 2011, right?

:: 2011.

:: 2011.

:: 2011.

:: Bro, 2011.

Donovan: 2011 was a big year for the VCU Men’s Basketball team. The team had competed in nine NCAA Tournaments, but had never made it to the Final Four before 2011. I’m sure it won’t be their last appearance either. Onto our third question: “How long have we had a sister campus in Qatar?”

:: 10 years.

:: 6 years.

:: 5 years?

:: 10 years?

:: 5 years?

:: 3 years?

:: So, I would think it started like 2006.

:: Maybe like 10 years.

:: 8 years.

:: 2005

:: 1995-ish

:: I would say 30 years.

:: 25 years.

:: I would like to think it’s recent, but not too recent. I’m going to just go with a wild guess and say 2006?

:: I see the building, it’s on Broad Street. I haven’t went in there, but I’d have to say it’s about 20 years.

Donovan: Twenty years is spot on. This year is VCUQatar’s 20th anniversary, having been established in 1998. Here’s to twenty more. And finally, our fourth question was, “In what year was VCU’s Rodney the Ram created and/or how old is he?”

:: 1980-something, so probably- I want to guess 30-something years.

:: I know has got to be more than like, 40 or 50 years, so it’s like 55?

:: He is 47?

:: 1964?

:: Yeah, yeah, it was before the ’70s. It was 68, I believe.

:: 1968.

:: ’68.

:: 1968.

:: It was like 1968.

:: Oh, ’68!

Donovan: While Rodney the Ram originated at Richmond Professional Institute in 1963, replacing the early mascot known as the Green Devil, VCU’s loved, black-and-gold-wearing Rodney was truly born the same year the Richmond Professional Institute and Medical College of Virginia were merged, 1968, making him 49 years old. Hopefully you answered all of our trivia questions correctly. If not, I hope you learned a little bit more about VCU’s rich history. History is being written at VCU each and every day, so make sure you are a part of it.
Donovan: This has been Questions, Commons & Concerns at VCU, brought to you by University Student Commons and Activities. If you have a question or topic you would like covered, email us at contactUSCA@vcu.edu. Thank you for listening.



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