QCC: Dream Job

In the eighth episode of Questions, Commons & Concerns (QCC), marketing assistants at University Student Commons and Activities asked students, faculty and staff, “What is your dream job?”

QCC S01E08 Transcript:

Brian Donovan: Welcome to Questions, Commons & Concerns at VCU, an initiative by University Student Commons and Activities. Questions, Commons & Concerns is a series where we ask students, faculty and staff about their thoughts regarding current events, hot topics or fun subjects relevant to the University community.

Donovan: This is Brian Donovan, host of Questions, Commons & Concerns. Today’s episode focuses on dreams and aspirations. Every Ram at VCU has a story and a dream. While we all go down our own paths, we wanted to share where the VCU community hopes to end up.

Donovan: Marketing assistants asked students, faculty and staff, “What is your dream job?”

:: Dream job? Be a Marine Corps Officer.

:: I just want to get into research or something like that. Something in biology, like a lab.

:: My dream job would probably be owning my own business or my own restaurant, and running it and managing it myself, separate from everybody else.

:: I’d really like to be an investigative journalist or something like that.

:: My dream job? Right now I’m looking to work for — I’m actually looking to work for a hospital with network security.

:: So my major is social work, but my dream job is to work with immigrants and refugees who come to the States and help them with the health disparities and the lack of knowledge they have about their resources.

:: Pediatrician, pediatric doctor.

:: My dream job is to be a pharmacist that works in a hospital.

:: My dream job is to be a neurosurgeon. I was inspired by Ben Carson, gifted hands, and also my mom. She’s an RN. That’s what’s inspired me to be in the medical field.

:: My dream job — Honestly, it sounds kind of cliché but my dream job is to be a mom. And to have kids, and stay at home at raised them and stuff.

:: My dream job would probably be to own my own gallery, that would be pretty awesome. Or, I don’t know. I’d really like to also paint murals around, you know, on buildings and stuff.

:: I suppose for me, I would love something that involves a lot of travel. Not like, out-of-state travel necessarily, just in general, you have to go out of your office, go out of your way, and do stuff, look at things, fix things. Those type of deals.

:: I’m a nursing major so I really want to go into nursing. I’m actually in the ROTC program here at VCU so I want to be an Army nurse.

:: To hopefully own my own wrestling gym and several of my own businesses.

:: I want to help immigrants. People that come to the US for refuge and a better life.

:: My dream job would have to be something that involves me getting paid to travel everywhere I want to go. Being able to freelance, view different places, and just get paid bread for it.

:: My dream job ultimately would be like a singer/performer type thing.

:: My dream job? I want to work for SpaceX because somebody has to run Snapchat on Mars and I want that person to be me.

:: My dream job is to be a doctor.

:: I want to build products that change people’s lives.

:: I think I want to be an occupational therapist.

:: My dream job is to be a physician’s assistant with assisted living, and just do my best to help people out, give them the best care they need. And, be a milestone in the medical field.

:: My dream job would be to work in a highly profitable company in their social media department as their public relations specialist.

:: I would like to be a physical therapist someday.

:: My dream job would just be to sing in a choir.

:: My dream job is to become an attorney. I want to work with families and do either divorces, child support — and things like that.

:: Well, currently I’m an EMT in the city and going through and experiencing what it’s like in an emergency room, I kind of want to be a doctor in an emergency room.

:: My dream job would probably be a nurse practitioner in the labor and delivery unit because I love babies.

:: My dream is — would be either orthopedics or an oncologist.

Donovan: Our last response requires just a small introduction. She is a staff member that has been with the school since 1993 and has held a variety of positions at VCU. When marketing assistants asked what her dream job is, this was her response.

:: Actually, I get to live my dream everyday, to be quite honest with you. It sounds kinda cliché, I know, but I do! I mean I get to be basically in college and never left. You know I went to college, loved it so much I decided to work in it. I get to be around people who are growing, who are going to eventually take my place. So, I mean I get to get a youthful, cool, fun, diverse, educational environment everyday.

Donovan: Most of us can only hope that we get to live out our dreams daily. For many, it sounds like VCU has helped them on their way to achieve their dreams and more. With the vast variety of resources VCU and the Richmond community have to offer, there’s nothing you can’t do. Always remember to be a dreamer of the day and anything is possible.

Donovan: This has been Questions, Commons & Concerns at VCU, brought to you by University Student Commons and Activities. If you have a question or topic you would like covered, email us at contactUSCA@vcu.edu. Thank you for listening.


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