Rams Lounge Preview Party

Rams Lounge Stage View

On Friday, Feb. 2, University Student Commons and Activities will host a preview party in the new Rams Lounge. Rams Lounge, located on the lower level of the University Student Commons in room 022, in the former location of Break Point. The space, previously centered around gaming and pool, has undergone renovations to increase its versatility, making it a multipurpose facility conducive for events ranging from lectures to performances.

Some differences between Break Point and Rams Lounge include flexible furniture (as opposed to the old static furniture), less pool tables (previously four, now two) for additional space, new floor surfaces (laminate and carpet), revamped AV equipment (including 12 new TV’s) and improved lighting.

Rams Lounge Tech

With all these new features and updates, there will be extra space for lectures, presentations, performances, meetings and social functions that can be held in Rams Lounge.

University Student Commons and Activities will be hosting a preview party in Rams Lounge on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018 at 2 p.m.

“The preview party is just a fun way for everyone to see the new space,” Jennifer Chapman, associate director for facilities and operations at University Student Commons and Activities, said.

Students, faculty and staff are all welcome and encouraged to celebrate the newly transformed space and spread the word of the Rams Lounge preview party!

Rams Lounge Billards

Rams Lounge throughout the years:

  • 1984: The Games opened in the current location of Subway in the University Student Commons.
  • 1993: The Games was renamed Break Point and moved to the lower level.
  • 2004: A bowling alley was added to Break Point.
  • 2017: Break Point closed; renovations begin.
  • 2018: Break Point reopens as Rams Lounge.


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