Around the World in One Festival

VCUICF2017-317On Saturday, April 7, 2018, the Intercultural Festival (ICF) will take place on Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Monroe Park Campus. Occurring the same day as a VCU Preview Day, the festival will be located in an around the University Student Commons, James Branch Cabell Library and Shafer Court Dining Center on Floyd Avenue, Linden Avenue and the Monroe Park Campus Compass.

The Intercultural Festival is a student-organized annual tradition at VCU that dates back more than 20 years and was deemed an official university event in 2003. Each year, ICF attracts thousands of people from countless different backgrounds and unique ways of life, and promotes greater understanding across ethnic and racial lines.


“ICF is mainly focused on celebrating diversity and multiculturalism, so we like to incorporate that into our events and our festival, too. [We] also try to teach people about different cultures around the world instead of staying in your own bubble,” Brittany Wong, ICF director, said.

This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, April 7, rain or shine, from 1 – 6 p.m. It is open to all community members and will include performances, food vendors, games and activities, a photo booth, free t-shirts and more. VCU student organizations will also be there passing out information about their programs and events.


This year’s festival theme is Around the World in One Festival.

“Having [the festival] one day every year, we try to make it so you can see as much as possible [about] everything around the world, and try to make it as authentic as we could. […] We like to focus on that – getting locals to come out and show who they are and celebrate their own culture,” Wong said.


Come out to this year’s Intercultural Festival and be a part of the fun, celebrating the diversity of VCU and the surrounding community and promoting a supportive, inclusive environment for all.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at ICF for those who want to help out. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain leadership experience, new friendships and network, as well as receive a free t-shirt and food voucher. To volunteer or for more information, visit

Connect with ICF!

Facebook and Twitter: icfvcu

Instagram: icf_vcu


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  1. […] 3. The Intercultural Festival is a VCU tradition that dates back more than 20 years. The festival promotes greater understanding across ethnic and racial lines, and is attended by thousands of people from different backgrounds and unique ways of life each year. Learn more about the ICF here: Around the World in One Festival […]


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