#WheresMilesWednesdays: Richmond Mural Project


Miles in his Shoes is a video series produced by University Student Commons and Activities (USC&A) in order to showcase many of the fascinating locations in Richmond, VA. The series is hosted by Miles Hopkins, marketing assistant for USC&A and a creative and strategic advertising senior. This series will give new students a chance to explore the city vicariously through Hopkins, a Richmond native.

“It’s a community at VCU, but people have to have a sense of belonging in the community. Going to Miles in his Shoes locations might help you find something you love, and that’ll bring a sense of belonging. Doing this series has reminded me how much I love this city,” Hopkins said.

The locations should appeal to any college-aged student looking to learn about Richmond – each area was chosen based upon accessibility for students, both in distance from VCU and in any admissions costs. The second season of the series will feature special edition episodes on specific topics, such as scenic overlooks, murals, and secret gardens, a departure from the region-focus of season one.

Make sure to watch out for #WheresMilesWednesday on USC&A’s social media handles. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and SoundCloud at VCUStudentCommons and Twitter and Snapchat at VCUCommons.

Watch his latest video about the Richmond Mural Project!


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