New Workshops and Resources from The Underground: Student Organization Resources Center

Students collaborating inside the Student Organization Resources Center

The Underground: Student Organization Resources Center, located in room 015 of the lower level of University Student Commons, provides advising and support to registered student organizations on campus, as well as a central location for these organizations to access knowledgeable staff, physical and technological resources and leadership training.

This year, The Underground will be hosting Fireside Chats and Finance Training 2.0, and have created an All-in-One Student Organization Resources page on Blackboard. These workshops and resources were designed to help student organizations further develop their organizations and leadership team, find answers to their questions about funding and deadlines and know where to go to access all forms and required trainings.

Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats

The Fireside Chat series is geared towards student organization executive boards, especially in student organizations that do not have an advisor.

“Fireside Chats are designed specifically to assist student organizations without advisors, but, even if student organizations has an advisor, we encourage all to attend to learn more about topics such as value setting and how to develop a constitution. In short, we’re open for everybody,” Donté Sharpe, Coordinator for Student Governance, said.

Past chats have covered topics such as developing a constitution and setting goals for the organization, as well as recruitment and retention of members.

“Our goal here is to ensure you have the information and resources that’s going to help you be an effective leader in your student organization. We are here to help you move to the next level,” Sharpe said.

The next Fireside Chat is today, Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 3 p.m.! For more information, go to RamsConnect.

Finance Training 2.0

Finance Training 2.0

Finance Training 2.0 is for student organizations that are already USC&A Finance Approved, but need additional assistance with submitting funding and/or purchase requests. In these sessions, student organization representatives have an opportunity to ask about deadlines, how to submit various requests and any other finance related questions they may have.

“The Financing Training 2.0s are really meant to be like a Q&A, a space for students to come and ask questions,” Julia Bailey, Graduate Assistant for Student Governance, said.

Finance Training 2.0 will continue during spring semester. Dates will be announced via RamConnect soon!

All-in-One Student Organization Resources on Blackboard

Student using resources at The Underground

The All-in-One Student Organization Resources page on Blackboard is the go-to place for all things student organization-related. Student can access the page by logging on to Blackboard, going to the “Organizations” tab and searching “All-in-One” in the search bar and then self-enrolling into the organization. There, student organization members can see announcements, contacts, deadlines, registration requirements, finance information and more.

For any questions regarding The Underground, the resources they provide or anything student organization-related, email or contact The Underground through RamsConnect. Do not forget, all student organizations registered in RamsConnect receive a monthly e-newsletter, RamNews You Can Use, that details pertinent announcements and upcoming events for student organizations.

The Underground: Student Organization Resources Center Icon

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