QCC: VCU Pizza

For season two, episode three of Questions, Commons and Concerns, VCU community members answer the question, “If VCU was a pizza, what toppings would it have?” Their answers reflect on how the different styles and tastes present in our diverse campus come together to make our unique university culture.

Joseph Koroma: Welcome to Questions, Commons and Concerns from VCU University Student Commons and Activities. I am your host, Joseph Koroma.

Koroma: Here on QCC we’ve never been ones to shy away from topics that cause us to take a good long look at ourselves and the world we live in. While we love leaning into these serious subjects, we find it just as important to address the questions that aren’t always the first to get asked. These hard-hitting topics might include: dogs vs. cats, pancakes vs. waffles, staycation vs. vacation. For this episode, we’re asking members of our community: “If there was a VCU Pizza, what do you think the toppings would be?”

:: Um, I say definitely starting with that you know nice garlic bread with some nice like robust tomato sauce. Um, definitely pepperoni, some ham, some bacon, just so like, you know, try to encompass, you know, all that VCU has.

:: Chicken or shrimp alfredo.

:: I was going to say pineapple. It’s not an every time type of topping, you know.

:: I think it would have to be, yeah, a supreme, but you gotta add a little bacon. You got to add a little touch right. Because we got that southern kick to us. Just a little bit, so it adds a little sweet and savory to who we are and I think that’s just what the special touch is here at VCU.

:: Alright, if VCU had a pizza the sauce would probably be ranch and the toppings would be onions, anchovies and mushrooms.

:: There would be a lot of different stuff but I think vegetables, there would be fruit, and there would be meat, because there is a lot of people that have different tastes here and a lot of people are open to trying new things, so I think it would be like a freak pizza, but it would like really good. It would taste really good, and it would look pretty.

:: Peppers and brisket. This, like, nice spicy vibe to it. You come here and everyone is so welcoming and what not.

:: Olives and banana peppers. Cause black and yellow and that’s literally it. (Black and yellow pizza.

Koroma A lot of those answers were well thought out, considerate and even sounded pretty tasty, but some Rams were a little bit more….creative with their pies. Have a listen:

:: On my pizza I would put a whole lot of cotton candy. I would have some peanut butter, you know, gotta have that peanut butter. I would have some cheesecake, um, pastry type and also, I would also have some pasta just ‘cause and can’t forget the cheese, so that’s my pizza.

:: I feel like it would be a really crazy pizza so I feel like there would be chocolate. Um, maybe some pepperoni, since pepperoni is popular, and like, it’s not gonna be a good pizza, but like it’s toppings so we’ll go with it. Um, maybe some spinach, um, cheese of course, and then, ooh, sprinkles.

:: It’d have to be vegan so everybody could eat it cause we have a lot of vegans here. Um, some gluten-free crust, too. No sauce, some people don’t like tomatoes. It would just be bread. Um, some diet cheese. Um. Some ants, let’s put some ants on there.

:: It’d be a very diverse pizza with all the meats, all the veggies, all the fruits. Pineapples, strawberries, whatever you want on your pizza.

:: If VCU was a pizza? First, we would have to add up just a little bit of diversity, okay, so we would have lots of different cheese flavors, so we gonna have the cheddar cheese, we gon [sic] have the sharp cheddar, we gon [sic] have pepper jack, have all of that. If you lactose intolerant then that’s just your problem. Okay. Don’t come here if you’re lactose intolerant, okay, because you gotta be able to tolerate everything that is here.

:: I feel like it would be like a big conglomeration of like M&M’s with some anchovies but then, I know, I know, and there is a reason for it. There is a reason for the madness, there is a reason for the madness. Um, and the reason being, um, I feel really comfortable at VCU in terms of diversity and in terms of like seeing different types of people here.

Koroma: Well, there you have it, folks, we can sleep a little easier at night knowing that we finally are closer to seeing what a VCU pizza may look like. While some topping suggestions were a little “outside the box,” or left the idea of a box completely behind, all the various versions of the VCU pizza are special and important in their own way, as they came from the hearts, minds and experiences of members of our very own VCU community.

Koroma: This has been another installment of Questions, Commons and Concerns from VCU University Student Commons and Activities. Thank you for listening.  

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